151123 Rubicon Free Camp

“It’s time we got away in the motor home for a weekend”, said Lyn a few days ago. So we have.

Victoria has so many spots to be checked out and we have been so slack all this year with only 390 kilometres used since before Easter through to mid October, with my recent drive up to Mullumbimby in October being the only real trip for the year. “Where shall we go, then?”, I asked. “I do enough choosing holidays for other people during the week, so you choose.”

I found this spot on Wikicamps, which probably millions of others know too, just 90 minutes away from home. The weather on the south side of the Great Dividing Range looked pretty bleak for the weekend so across we drove to Tagetty and towards Thornton in search of warmer and brighter weather. Turning right just before Thornton, we ventured in the rain down towards Rubicon. Free Camps still exist in Victoria and this one is not controlled by some Government National Parks organisation; hence “no charge”.

There are lots of sites spread amongst the shading trees beside a river, which you can hear, but have to venture over towards to see it. We drove right in and found a great spot just near the start of a walking track. The grass is mown and the fireplaces are tidy. I parked the Motorhome so we would have a good view of the bush and privacy from other campers. Although we are parked near where the trail begins, we aren’t bothered too much by the passing parade, making their way to the river bank for fishing or in search of firewood.

The rain had stopped just as we arrived, and we didn’t have any rainfall during Friday night. By 10:00am Saturday, the weather started to warm and we were able to find a nice rocky part overlooking the river/creek to “park” our camping lounges while we napped and read.

After a baked beans and spaghetti lunch, it was time to put on the hiking boots and enjoy the 7 kilometre walk around the river and up a few hills for a view of the campsite. How pleasant walking in the bush on a warm day, enjoying the filtered sunlight again. “Have to do this again sometime soon.”

We were just resting after the walk when we had a feeling that a bird had flown into the motorhome. This little tiny guy had decided that motor homing is not a bad idea but the windows don’t open just because you fly into them. He was stunned a little when I picked him up and took a few minutes to ‘come to’ and be on his way. Makes a good couple of photos to include in the post for today.

Sunday was a bit of a sleep-in day with blue skies but chilly atmosphere until we arose and started into our normal breakfast of pancakes, fruit, yoghurt and maple syrup. The maple syrup had been hiding for a number of years but has matured over the time.


The day was brilliant; not too hot and just nice to lay out in the sun to get some vitamin D and enjoy a book or complete a few more sudoku puzzles. After lunch of McSpains, we cleaned out the motor home ready for our Christmas/New Year trip followed by another walk around the loop. There were so many more parrots this time. Leaving at around 5:00pm, we collected some nice cherries at Taggerty before picking up some chocolate specials from the Beechworth Bakery in Healesville.



Author: Colin Spain

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