130223 Inverloch Region

Taking off again in the motor home is always a great ‘holiday’ experience.  Having done quite a number of short weekend jaunts, we now feel that as soon as we head out of Jeanette Street, we are on holiday again, albeit for just a couple of nights.  Our destination this weekend is the Inverloch region along the coast between Cape Paterson and Inverloch.

Friday night, we free-camped at a reserve just south of Poowong.  We had been here at Cup Weekend last year with the Bushwackers – a chapter of Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia.  This weekend, was much less crowded, just 8 campers as compared to over 35 on Cup Weekend, so we had many choices where we could park the van.  ‘Hey, we have parked level without using lifters in any corner/s of the van”, I said.  After Friday night wraps, it came to mind that we have parked under a large tree.  There was quite an amount of fallen bark around from the work of strong winds and I had a thought, “perhaps we should move to safer territory.  Nah!”  In the morning a confucious saying came to mind.  “Do not park under trees – large trees are the bedrooms of large birds.”  And so there was an ample supply of white markings on the motorhome which must have come from heaven.

After breakfast – I have been told not to mention what was tried “for a change” (It didn’t work out too good), we motored down to Inverloch at 10:30am – why rush?  Inverloch was a busy little town on a country morning.  Lots of weekenders having breakfast at the sidewalk cafes, and many people running and walking along the beautiful foreshore on an equally beautiful morning.

We were on our way to The Oaks for a few days of intense Vitamin D input.  The day was perfect and the colour of the ocean was vibrant due to an intense clear blue sky.  There was  hardly a soul around.  We spent time fossicking in the rock pools and even using them to relax in.  Cool and clear, the water was so inviting.

After 3 hours in the sun, we made our way slowly back to the motorhome and ventured back towards Inverloch calling in at each signed point of interest or view of a classic beach.  Would you believe at 4:00pm we were eating lunch at Eagles Nest looking out over the Victorian Coastline?  Now that’s holiday enjoyment.

This weekend was going to be a ‘free camping’ weekend.  However, after the lunch, I thought we could enjoy dessert at Inverloch and we decided to check in to a small caravan park there – just $30 for the night and only one block away from the town.  Across the road is the foreshore and being windy at the end of the day, there were many wind surfers and kite-surfers enjoying the strong breezes.  I counted 16 kite-surfers streaking across the inlet at a great rate of knots.

At 8:30pm, we walked along to the town and tried to enter the pub to get our dessert.   Not to be, as they stop serving at 8:30pm and we had arrived at 8:45pm.  Across the road is an ice-cream/pizza shop so they were happy to serve us large chunks of delicious dessert in a waffle at a much lesser price than the pub across the road would have charged for their dessert.

We had a good sleep and after our Sunday morning breakfast of pancakes with fruit salad, berries and mango, left for the beach for the day.  (It takes just 15 minutes to pack up in the motorhome and be on our way – tenting? 15 hours I recall – lol!)

Again, the beach looked stunning and there were just a few others availing themselves to the healing powers of both sunshine and water.  I read in a Menieres book that if you used a reading of healing and rejuvenation in ions for each location you can go to, a waterfall will give you over 200,000 units, a beach or mountains 150,000 – 200,000 units, and suburbia 10-50,000 units.  Why wouldn’t one choose the higher ranking locations for rejuvenation?

It was sad leaving the relaxing time in the rock pools but we had had enough sun for a weekend and ventured home to Jeanette Street.  Can’t wait for the long weekend in two weeks time where we will be going to Lorne for more rejuvenation.

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