Warmer Winter – 9

No news is good news! That describes our life since we arrived in Cardwell back a few weeks now. We have done what we have planned without any interference from Mr Covid; so far.

Our move to Mission Beach was a good move. Our campground at Wongaling was near to a supermarket and only a kilometre to the long, wide, hard sandy beach. There was a 4 km ride to the main Mission Beach. That beach is similar but has more tourists there to fill the Cafés, bars and clothes shops, if they’re not on the beach sun baking. We had a couple of nice snack meals there before returning to our motor home. We met up with Chris and Marilyn who have been on the road for nine years now; somehow, we find them on each of our trips to warmer weather.

Our itinerary still had a few chosen spots to get to before U-turning south to the southern spring. Next stop was Cairns for 4 nights. The bikes came in handy to get around a few of the nice areas of the town. The esplanade is a good place to both ride and wander. Cairns council have done a good job of developing this area and keeping it green and clean. The large pool just on the edge of the esplanade was well patronised with many doing a “double take” to watch the Tokyo Games shown on large screens while swimming.

Our journey along the coast towards Port Douglas became a highlight of our holiday so far, when we were treated to a fabulous day to view the coastline from Rex’s Lookout. The use of the drone came in handy for some great video of the coastline. It’s a “must-see” if ever you make your way north.

We experienced Port Douglas with virtually no tourists; there were no “holdups” in any shops, food or clothing. Our campground was a kilometre away from the main drag and the beach was about a kilometre away too. We found a lot of southerners were “two home” people (one down south and a unit in Port Douglas). Caravaners were the same – and why wouldn’t you? At this time of year, perfect temperature each day and mostly sunshine to match. All healthy people with so much of that miracle vitamin that comes to us all freely from the “big light in the sky”.

We had lunch with one of Lyn’s clients from the travel agency in Yarra Junction, now living mainly at Palm Cove, and on another day, a lunch at the surf club with a Port Douglas Paradise Motorhome owner who we had chatted to often, but had never met in person. Thank you Judy and Graeme.

Due to a road accident on the Bruce Highway, our journey heading south included a 5km detour. The air ambulance circled over us and landed just up the road in front of us before we were asked to u-turn to the detour. The cane farm on both sides of the highway had been recently prepared for new cane planting and the helicopter did a good job of stirring up the dust while landing. The enormous ball of dust enveloped us and we couldn’t see the vehicle in front for a short time. Interesting.

Now we’ve spent a week in the Atherton Tablelands just enjoying the no rush quietness and the walks in the local area. I have my annual eye/vision check appointment to keep my drivers licence on Tuesday so will head to Innisfail on Monday to have that happen.

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