130209 Murrindindi Scenic Reserve


The Murrindindi Scenic Reserve was extensively burned during the 2009 Bush Fires.  However, the Department of Sustainability and Environment have done a great job in designing and installing a great set of campsites for weekend visitors to the reserve.  We joined Eric and Joy to do a few walks on tracks that have been remade and are well kept for us to enjoy.

The sites weren’t full but that enabled us to choose level sites for our motorhomes.  We stayed at Bull Creek Camp Friday night and Water Gauge Camp on the Saturday night. (Motor homes make it very easy to move sites as it only takes us 15 minutes to get ready to move and another 15 minutes to set up on the new site.)

We arrived later than we expected Friday night as Lyn has had a busy time in the travel agency lately – many clients doing great travel through yarratraveljunction.com – cruises, tours and point to point.  Joy had readied a light meal for us to start the weekend followed by some herbal teas.  We retired at 10:30 to have a good sleep before our first walk of the weekend.

Saturday morning, we woke to an overcast but hot day – a total fire ban day.  After a breakfast, we donned boots and walking clothes and started on a walk to the Cascades.  This was said to take 2.5 hours but with stops and chats, we made it in 3 hours.  The devastation of the region from the bush fires was widespread but the regrowth is happening very quickly.  There were great little spots to view the river running through the valley.

The Cascades were flowing well and testing the temperature by putting in the feet, one found it was still rather cold indeed.  This was where we first met up with other walkers, having parked near the falls.  The walk was worth doing – they missed out.  We walked back to the camp site via the logging truck road which is quite dusty.

After a late lunch of nibbles and stuff, and at about 5pm we moved sites to Water Gauge Camp.  It was a day of total fire ban and the ranger had told us in the morning that he had just taken details of some campers who had a fire going.  The rangers cannot fine law breakers when it comes to fires on Total Fire Ban days; they just take your details and the next you know, you are in court to receive a large fine or up to 2 years jail.  Quite severe.  The neighbours at this new camp started a fire for their kids to enjoy about 9pm.  Eric went over to tell them the consequences if the ranger came around.  An hour later, they still had not put out the fire so I went over to remind them of the possible court hearing they would have to attend if caught.  They put out the fire immediately and just 20 minutes later, police came for a ‘look-around’.  How lucky they were!  We managed to play  dominoes until 10:00pmish followed by another great sleep in the motorhome.

After our normal Sunday breakfast of fruit salad with berries on pancakes with yoghurt,  we commenced the great walk to Wilhemina Falls.  The track started off level and when you turn up towards the falls, the track gets steeper and you start climbing over rocks.  Chains are available to help up the more dangerous parts.  The view became better as we climbed.  A great work has been done erecting steel staircases in a couple of quite steep sections.  Once up top, the falls were different with the view showing no great drops of falls but rather water rushing across large rocks.

On our return and after lunch, some of us managed a sleep in chairs outside in the sun while Lyn continued to read yet another book.  We started to pack up at 5pm and were gone by 5:20pm and just an hour and 15 minutes home.

A great spot for a short restful, with exercise, weekend.  We can recommend it.

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