Warmer Winter – 5

I’ve overlooked keeping my regular posts; perhaps they should become irregular posts from now on.

Our moves since leaving the Gold Coast have included Bribie Island, Pialba Beach near Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Moore’s Park Beach, and now Yeppoon. Our expected U-Turn is to be at Port Douglas at the end of July.

We had never been to Bribie Island before. Our choice of campground was on the ocean side of the island to allow beach walks most mornings or afternoons. There are also some great bike paths and Lyn’s eBike got a good workout a couple of days. My balance factor still prevents the normal enjoyment I used to feel prior to the accident of 30 months ago. However, a different enjoyment has captured my relaxation time. Using a drone is a bit demanding but I am feeling more comfortable each time I press the “UP” lever (that’s the left one).

Hervey Bay is one of our favorite places to spend a few days. However, it’s not always the secure location one would expect from a town full of grey nomads. The coaster van next to us, was broken into and the lady’s purse was an obvious choice to get away with. She had security cameras inside to help the police identify the culprit. Lesson learned by one solo lady “never leave valuables on display at any time”.

Our site was a great spot to launch the drone from each time I wanted to have a lesson. A past memory was a few great Pialba sunrises and sunsets. They didn’t come to fruition this visit. However, while flying, we noticed a coastal eagle in a tree and made a close move for a few “dangerous” shots. He seemed to be interested in the weird object hovering close to his territory.

Bundaberg CMCA park is an appropriate located short stay park near the shops and town Center. Priced at $3 per person per night in a self contained vehicle, is always a good choice. We met up with Doug and Kathy, who used to live in Warburton over 16 years ago. One of their daughters has a wild animal refuge licence and cares for baby kangaroos (some without any hair yet). Some have been retrieved from their mothers when involved in tragic accidents. She bottle feeds them and even teaches them to suck on a dummy.

Moore’s Park Caravan Park is unique in its own way; just a small quiet town on the coast about 25km north of Bundaberg. Near the park on a Sunday, the “Bundy Bergers” food outlet was in the right spot to provide a Sunday lunch of fish and chips beside the ocean. With great bike paths, many seniors were out early of a morning catching up on the exercise they meant to have 40 years before. Of course, the coast allowed some more drone flying practice on a few occasions.

We noticed a “bush camp” location on our itinerary guide, so took 3 nights there at just $10 per person per night. The free firewood was a great bonus to making this a regular stopping point. Off the main trek, but our kind of bush camping.

We are now at Yeppoon where it started raining the evening we arrived and is still raining 50 hours later. It’s amazing how things get in the wrong place in a small “house” and today we spent a few hours rearranging where the pantry food is stored and where other things are now kept in a much more orderly way.

Our Yeppoon camp ground choice.

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