111021 Port Arlington

We left home before sunset but arrived in Port Arlington after dark.  Why do campground reception offices close before most of the guests arrive?  And why don’t they allow checkouts at 2:00pm on the Sundays of off-peak weekends?  Don’t they want us to stay spend money in their region?

We went to bed straight after dinner and watched DVDs from the comfort of the bed.  It was sort of raining but not heavy.

We woke early for breakfast before taking a walk along the foreshore of Port Arlington.  Windy but winter sun was the weather of the day.  Alan and Gayle were in Port Arlington for a wedding so we called them and they were just a couple of blocks from where we were walking.  We went to where they were camped but they were not there so we took a photo of their van and send it to them asking if we were in the right place.  We had much to catch up after their trip around Australia and our trip to Tahiti.  Gayle is a dag!  Interestingly, their fuel consumption was up around 17 liters per 100 Km and our 4 tonne van runs at less than 11 liters per 100 Km.

Saturday night, we went to a Thai restaurant in Port Arlington.  It was the best meal you could have.  Tasty, colourful and original. And the open fireplace was on, warming the place up nice.

The motorhome next to us was a Sunliner and was on it’s maiden voyage.  The owners were having trouble with a few things, like “how do you take of the cowling off the gas outlet?” and, “how come the battery has gone flat?”  Motorhomers help each other.  Sunliner had only given them 30 minutes of hand-over time when they collected a $166,000 van – not good really.  They were an elderly couple and bought the motorhome for their son’s family to use as well.  Not our philosophy at all – two maximum.

We did the right thing and packed up by 11:00am and headed towards home.  We stopped at the Senior’s Exhibition at Caulfield on the way home and had lunch with Ted & Lex.  There was some coach motorhomes there and we came away believing that we had made the right choice with the Free Time.

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