120107 Mt Gambier

It was hard to leave the camp site where we have been for 11 nights.  Would you believe that we left 2 hours after originally planning to depart at 10:30am.  The final ‘walk along the beach’ was hard to finish and we stood on the sand hills for quite some time in farewell mode.

We took some pics around Robe; can you see all the vehicles lined up along the beach?  We have never seen that before.  The Big4 campground in the town itself, was crammed full; side-by-side with hardly any vegetation around – and one guy said he ‘had come here for the last 3 years or so”.  We don’t know why, really.  Perhaps we have been spoilt with a great site for 11 days.

After dropping in to drive around Beachport, we drove on to Mt Gambier and are camping at the Big4 just near Blue Lake.  What a magnificent blue the lake is.  The properties around Mt Gambier seem to be well manicured and are pleasant indeed.

We are travelling to Hamilton today and hope to meet up with Peter and Lin Tung who used to be in Warburton ‘years ago’.  Then on to Ballarat to watch the Australian Road Cycling Championship Men’s Road Race before driving back to home on Sunday late afternoon.  Work on Monday – drad!!!

120103 Robe

Today started out with a 1:30am phone call.  Sharlee was the caller and she was all distraught because she heard a gushing noise and got out of bed to be met by wet carpet; quite a surprise.  The hot water outlet to her vanity in the bedroom had come adrift and water was all through the place causing soppy carpets to worry about.  Oh well, things are on the mend now but caused a day off work waiting for plumbers and carpet cleaners to turn up and fix the situation or start the ‘healing’ process.

That meant today has been a ‘tired’ sort of day.  Up late and no early morning run.  Just an ‘after breakfast’ stroll along the beautiful beach just over the sand hills.  At one stage, there were 20 4WDs driving along the ‘highway’ from Beachport to Robe.

This evening, while having the second meal of the day (weight/shape adjustments are on the way), we saw an echidna walking down the track just across from our site.  Friendly little fellow indeed and he didn’t even seem shy to have his photo taken.

The wind yesterday during the very hot 40 degrees was quite strong and kept us off the beach and near the site in case we needed to attend to anything going wrong.  Otherwise, nothing much has changed; just a great quiet spot to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

120101 Robe

Last evening, we sat on the sand hills watching 2011 come to a close.  We had the most awesome sky to view the sunset and so shot over 50 photos.  Just some are showing but the cloud formation was just something to behold.  We hope you enjoy.

We attended the New Year’s Eve Party at the activities centre, but party pooped and left at 11:30pm; didn’t hear any of the yelling that usually goes on at NYE parties – we must have gone to sleep very quickly after having walked about 16km during the day.

2012 offers new excitement for all of us.  I guess a lot will happen with the motorhome of a weekend visiting great locations around Victoria.  We have a planned group trip to Italy with a Cruise attached leaving in May, and are looking forward to that.  Our best wishes for 2012 goes to each of you and we hope to meet up with many of you again.

Keep August 2013 free to join our group tour to the game parks in Africa plus a few other highlights.

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