111020 Noojee

After mid-day, we drove out to Noojee.  Friends of ours, Bai & Lo, came with us so we took the VW Caddy which was our first ‘motorhome’.  We had used it a number of times including 3 weeks with family in the summer holidays on the south coast of NSW and Thredbo region.

Our hope was to bush camp about 10km north of Noojee, but when we arrived, the area was closed for development.  We journeyed back to Noojee and decided to park out side the public loos.  Alvin and Sonya arrived and we spent the rainy afternoon inside the motorhome enjoying food, including chocolate cake and hot berry topping with cream.  A bit ‘overweighting’ but nice.  Old days were brought into the conversation and we had a great social time.

After we ran out of DVD’s to watch, Bai and Lo slept in the Caddy for the evening.  We didn’t have anyone tap on the door to say we were in the wrong place, so we slept well in the car park near the toilets in Noojee.  How delightfully splendid!

Bai tried a bit of fishing in the river nearby in the morning without success.  After a walk around the small town and lunch, we drove back to Lorraine’s place in Powelltown.  She got a surprise but received us well.  A laugh a minute when Lo is around.

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