130922 Inverloch

Coming to the Kilcunda Inverloch region is never an effort to us as it offers beautiful coastal scenery and nice beaches. We take a 5km walk west towards San Remo along the coast on a wet track. At one point, I said to Lyn to “take care”. That was a stupid thing to say. Just as I said the word “care”, I slipped and ended up with muddy jeans and broken pride.
After a salad sandwich lunch, we check in to a van park close to Inverloch and the nearby beach. While setting the van to move into our site, I am able to blame my poor hearing as I don’t hear Lyn’s yelling to “Stop, you have touched a pole and the tail light fitting is pulled out of the vehicle”. (Thank goodness for gaffer tape to get us back home.)
The weather is ‘should have been here yesterday’ stuff but we put up with the over night rain after a nice ‘seniors pub meal’.
Sunday is forecast as showers clearing but first we have to back out of our grassy site – “o-oh we don’t have traction”. The owners of the park are away and we call on a 4WD owner to tow us out to freedom. Sticky situation to be in.
We come back to Kilcunda to walk east along a made rail trail. The sun is now shinning and the forecast for tomorrow is 25 and sunny sunny sunny. Our lunch is in “the restaurant with the world’s greatest view” before heading back home. What a fabulous idea to have bought gr8l1f.com

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