Warmer Winter – 4

After delivering the motor home to Paradise Motorhomes to complete a service and an accident repair job, we were transferred to a hotel on the Gold Coast just a block from the esplanade. Lyn had a “bank load” of points available so we are living it up in a hotel with a normal Gold Coast view – other hotels with a little peak in one direction at the ocean if you strained your body, and a peak in the other direction to the hinterland which keeps the surf out of inland Queensland.

The hotel has an interesting way of promoting the Gold Coast; inside each lift is a picture suggesting you will enjoy your time here. You may enjoy the pictures too.

Because the motor home repairs are going to take extra time to complete, we will not be able to move back in until Tuesday. This has meant we have had to vacate the QT and walk to The Vibe for an extra 4 nights. Our new view looks over the city to the left and the Nerang River to the right. We’ll miss the great breakfast buffet at QT but have gained a little kitchenette to enjoy at least one meal a day in our room.

It’s been many years since we took our kids to Sea World so OUR chance came again. The “Hopo” ferry took us up the paradise waterways to Sea World at a much more leisurely pace than our kids would have wanted those years ago. Breakfast wasn’t served until 10:30am which connected time wise to the dolphin show. The wander through the kids rides brought back memories of our days at Disneyland and Knotsberry Farm in Los Angeles. A shiver went all over us as we watched people having a closeup time with the penguins and the jellyfish exhibition was colorful and impressive.

Dolphins at Sea World

Author: Colin Spain

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