140201 Victorian Coastline

A top place to visit is the whole of the Victorian coastline. On a clear day, which we seem to pick each time we come, the views are just fantastic. Of course, the motorhome has the ability to choose the best restaurant view anyone would ever want. We were just saying last week, “buying the motor home is the best thing we have ever done.” How true that has become.

Our experience is evolving each time we back out into Jeanette Street! When friends drive by our house, they can see from the highway if we are away on another adventure in gr8l1f.com We don’t mind at all that they are ‘snoopers’ – really, they are jealous.

Friday night is often spent free camping at Bass Reserve near Poowong. This is just 70 minutes from home and we can make it before sunset during daylight saving. After a good sleep and our bircher muesli breakfast, we head down to the coast for a day at the beach looking over the ocean and experiencing a ‘spa’ in the rock pools. The waves have been sending up great flumes of spray and at one point a blowhole has formed shooting water a great distance at an acute angle back towards whence it came.

We make our way to another free camp where we have been before, at Mayers Landing, east of Inverloch. This is where we can see the sunset to the right in the evening and sunrise across the inlet to the left in the morning – both memorable experiences. There are three other motor homes here on their way to Tassie for 6 weeks sailing on Monday.

One guy gave us a ‘tip’ that could prove invaluable in the future.  Today, while driving to Mayers Landing, his motor home (Fiat Ducato – just like ours but automatic) stopped in the middle of the road.  His following motor home mate stopped too, and came up to ask him what was happening.  Just then, a tip he was given years ago came to mind and he asked his wife to open and close her passenger door.  That reset the computer and they were on their way.  What an invaluable tip – for free.

Sunday, I managed an extra hours sleep after our early morning cuppa so breakfast came ‘into the morning’.  The water before us was initially bathed in fog but when I awoke, it was crystal clear and many fishermen and families had dropped their boats into the inlet for a days expedition.  We moved to a campground to enquire for a booking for easter but they were a little expensive compared to what we had just paid for the weekend; from $zero for two nights to $60 per night – mmmmm!  They may not get a booking.  We don’t really need to pay for playgrounds and games rooms and stuff – just a site with water and power.

Then on to The Oaks again for a few hours of vitamin D.  We hear that it is over 40 degrees in the Yarra Valley and we are comfortable with a cooling sea breeze.  When we decide to get back to the motor home, the tide has come in so we have to make a dash over rocks between waves to get around the headland.  We have been fortunate again to enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful sunshine this last weekend – a great time for sure.

Our return home is to a very hot yard where many of the plants have keeled over missing their regular supply of fresh water.  Oh well, in less than an hour, the zucchini responds and is looking healthy again.

We forgot to bring our cameras so we used an iPhone 5, with some being ‘fixed-up’ using the PS Express App.  We hope you enjoy!

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