121102 Poowong 2 November Friday

We haven’t been on a Bushwackers weekend since Cup Weekend last year so decided to go and try out our new solar panels and generator that were recently installed.  The Bushwackers are a chapter of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) and they have a monthly ‘meeting’ at a ‘bush’ site somewhere within 200km of Melbourne.  This visit was our ‘joining’ weekend.  The joining fee is to bring a chocolate cake to share with the other motor homers at morning tea.

Poowong is located in South Gippsland and is situated on the top of a ridge.  The view reminded us of Tuscany in Italy, expansive green farmland countryside.  We camped at a free camping spot just down in the valley behind Poowong.  There were 20 other motor homers with us and we talked, yes, motor homes for the weekend.  We arrived nearly last but ended up with a great site on the edge of the bush.  Lots of birds and green paddocks. The little yellow finches were so hard to photograph, bobbing around the place.

We felt like we were on holiday; it was so peaceful.

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