Silly Things We Do

Gleanings from around the place

Last night I was spraying what I thought was fly spray around the WHOLE motorhome killing flies and mozzies. It wasn’t spraying as well as it should so I ran it under the water tap and continued on my merry way. It wasn’t until I picked up my phone and it slipped out of my hands I realised what I had done. I had sprayed bloody sunflower oil all over everything. Yep the whole motorhome was covered in it. Well today I have been flat out cleaning and washing and got me thinking am I the only one that does stupid stuff????? So now is the time to confess. Come on I have to believe I’m not the only Doofas out there lol. Spill it everyone !!!!!!

My hubby thought he was spraying deoderant & it was hairspray. Luckily it was just a top up on his clothes before going out & not under his arms. LOL

My Mum once sprayed what she thought to be hairspray on her hair for church, turned out it was fly spray.

I have just killed all of our roses, picked up the roundup not the rose supplement, both are in spray bottles, didn’t check label oops.

My friend used fly spray to coat her roast lamb instead of oil, only to discover after the meal was eaten, luckily nobody was ill.

Know of an incident where a driver in a Kenworth one night thought he had picked up fly spray and sprayed it around in his truck. Next morning discovered he had used a tin of Crome Bright (spray paint) by mistake. Spray paint from then on was kept in the side locker of cab.

I decided to shave my legs camping on a extended trip and then sprayed aeroguard on it 5 mins later, ouch.

Two things come to mind…1st I went to a work bbq and the host sprayed fly spray over the meat cooking on the barbie… needless to say I only ate salad. 2nd my poor mum had wax on the stove to remove unwanted hair. She forgot all about it and when it burnt tiny 2mm specks of soot covered the whole kitchen and hallway. We scrubbed for hours poor mum.

Well i will admit to using deep heat on my rear end itch thinking it was savlon, and boy o boy did that burn. We all make mistakes.

My first wife (who wasn’t a good cook) made a great spaghetti bog one night. Best meal she’d ever cooked…..a closer inspection of the mince packet had a picture of a puppy on it. Dog ate well that night.

Thought I was using hairspray but it was fabulon ….ironed me out.

On our first shake down trip, I thought I should empty out the toilet canister. It only had No. 1 in it and … paper. I wheeled the canister to the men’s loo and tipped the contents into the urinal – including the paper. No sanitised gloves on hand to transfer the paper from the urinal to the WC. Lucky no-one came in. A long period of hand washing took place. Lol.

We were caravaning with friends about 14 yrs ago. We all had our dogs with us. My friend in the other van had been constipated so decided she’d take a dose of herbalax that she’d put in an unmarked container. The next morning she was quite sick….felt pretty off. She went to the cupboard in the morning and realised that she’d taken a dose of flea and tick powder instead.

Ok well here is another Doofas thing I have done. Went camping with my brother awhile back. I was having a wash in the bathroom. Got distracted for a few seconds turned back to the sink and said to Paul “is the grey water tank full cause the sink water isn’t draining”. No he said but will check. Opened up tap no water came out. So the boys then were under bus poking the breather hole. Still the water remained in sink. Heard them say must be blocked pipe. Then I looked closer and oops I forgot to take plug out. Made the mistake of telling them and they haven’t stopped giving it to me since.

This is a true story. On 3AW on Fridays at mid day, Dennis Walter’s talk back show is full of humour. Last Friday’s discussion centred around the question, “what’s the most embarrassing question you have asked your chemist?”
Lots of callers rang in, of course, and the top question was, “what should I do for haemorrhoids?” That question, brought suggestions for a treatment. And this is where I am still laughing.
A lady called with her mother’s suggested treatment from years ago. “Go to the supermarket and buy 500gms of cheese. Take it home and eat it in one sitting. Then take your pants off, and sit over a rat’s hole.” (Like this when you stop laughing). I heard this call myself so I know it did happen.

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