131207 Inverloch

Its time to get-a-way again and our favourite coast spot is on top of the list.  We leave home 6:30 Friday after closing the shop for the week and get to a free camp near Poowong.  Just a few folks there – one couple from West Australia have been ‘on the go’ for 5 years. We get a good sleep as we usually do in the motor home, to be woken by the early morning sounds of the Australian bush.  A very pretty red parrot sits in a tree near our site for the night.

We make our way from Loch towards Wonthaggi and are able to enjoy the beautiful green countryside, reminding us of some of the scenes we have seen in Tuscany, Italy just last year.  The sky is a little overcast but we can see blue coming our way.  We drive through the busy little town of Wonthaggi and on to the brilliant coastal cliffs between Cape Paterson and Inverloch.  Our favourite view at The Oaks has a few surfing the small swell.  We move on to Eagles Nest to enjoy the view there during our lunch.  It is still overcast and the weekend tourists haven’t ventured out to view the spectacular coastline.

Just after lunch, we find a comfortable spot in the motor home for the afternoon siesta.  Lyn manages a good 50 minutes but I just have a normal 2 minute cat-nap before this lady and an older guy turn up and start erecting a device with white material hanging around it.  They place a stack of white chairs in rows and lay a roll of white carpet down an aisle.  “There’s going to be a wedding”, I say to Lyn as she groggily wakes from her slumber.  The clouds have moved on and the sky and ocean become a beautiful blue.  We have a ‘front-line’ position in the motor home as the guests start arriving, ladies in their short skirts and high heels to walk on a semi-soggey lawn.  Lyn thinks they are wearing the wrong shoes for the location.  We think this is pretty special as the bridal party arrive and have to walk around the motor home to get to the site for the ceremony.  Check out the photos that we get that the official photographer missed out on.  (It was a good idea to get on top of the motor home for some dream shots.)  The bridesmaid came to us to get copies of the pictures to send later on. (Lyn reckons that I think I am the official photographer – “now, how much should I charge?”)  It wasn’t until most of the guests had left that we were able to back away and finally head to Inverloch.

We decide to try the foreshore caravan park for the night.  As we are driving through it looking for the reception, we get chatting to a camper and she guides us to a free camp site about 6kms away – on the foreshore with the greatest of views of the inlet.  The are no signs to say NO CAMPING so we park next to some fishermen trying to find food for the evening meal.  The greatest of sunsets in the evening is followed by the greatest of sunrises in the morning.  Water is running low but we manage to be able to shower and wash the dishes after a healthy Sunday breakfast.  There has been a fishing rod leaning agains a seat and seeing no-one has claimed it over night and through to our departure, we collect it to give to our friend Bai, an avid believer that “there’s good fish out there”.

We return to The Oaks and go down the steps for a walk along the beach.  Our hopes are  to have the day in the sun, but clouds prevent that happening.  Looks like the next best thing to do is to return home and watch the cricket, so we head that way but decide to spend our camp site savings on a very nice lunch at Caldermeade Farm Cafe.

Another great weekend away in our favourite ‘mobile beach house’ that gets the best restaurant views in the world.

The wedding photos.

Our location pics.

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