111020 Fraser National Park

Apart from a quick night at Noojee, this is our first try at bush motorhoming.  We had returned from our cruise around the Tahitian Islands earlier in the week and so since our last venture, the Free Time hadn’t been used for nearly 6 weeks.  We readied the van and went to start it.  Flat battery.  Sharlee was coming with us and suggested the local garage in Woori Yallock.  RACV wont take on motorhomes over a certain weight for roadside assist.

I went down as they were opening, and the owner himself has a Winnebago so he came with a mobile battery and got us going – for free!  Since then, we have had tested that the power from the house will charge the motor battery as well as the ‘house’ batteries.  A 2kva generator and 2 solar panels are now on the list of ‘buy soon’.

We arrive at Fraser National Park near lunch time, found a level spot and set up the chairs in the sun.  No rain in sight.  After lunch, we took a short walk around the lakeside and could see that we could go on ‘forever’ when we remember we had left the chairs and camera outside at the motorhome – bother!  So returned quickly.  The ranger came around and introduced us to ‘the method to book and pay’ online for this time and our future visits.  Getting rather modern for a government department.

Some folk from Lilydale church were camped nearby so we had a few chats about the benefits of enjoying the outdoors for a weekend on a regular basis.

Sunday was sunny and we enjoyed a late breakfast.  Then, the effects of not realising what really needs to be done before leaving home, hit us.  About the same time, we ran out of drinking water and the ‘house’ batteries ran out of punch.  Hence our need for solar panels connected to all batteries for full power 24/7.

So we drove into Alexandra for lunch before heading back home.

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