140208 Kilcunda Walk

It’s been a few years since we trekked this well kept coastline walk and we have chosen another great weekend to take in the sites of this inviting area. Although it is in the high 30 degrees Celsius back in our village, it is just in the high 20s when we start walking from Kilcunda towards Phillip Island.
Company today is Ted who has done this walk many times over the years. Lex is our ‘transport’ to Kilcunda from our camping spot at Newhaven.
The sky is a rich blue but the horizon in the distance is a little hazy.
It doesn’t take long to find our first vista point to enjoy and to photograph. The sea is blue with dashes of torquoise and green. What a magnificent coastline we live near to, indeed! Each weekend we come to the coast, we have brilliant sunshine and today is just that.
Waves know their borders but they keep pounding away at the rocky coastline in an untiring effort to extend their limit. Plumes of spray rise as the swell crashes into mangled rock and stone. What a marvelous sight to enjoy. The ocean is a magnet to the soul as it rejuvenates to a state of calmness again. Here is the greatest natural stress reducer one can experience. We recommend this solution to all.
Lex walks a Km from the Phillip Island end of the walk and is our means of transport back to Newhaven for a ‘haystacks’ lunch.

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