boBRENE on Tamborine – Tranquillity at its best!

I woke this morning at 4:00am. The early morning sounds of the Australian bush had already started to voice its awesome presence; the distant hooting of an owl, the scampering of the bush birds as they fossicked amongst the eucalyptus trees and shrubs, and a quacking duck in the dam close by, told me I am in a resort built to the glory of the natural surroundings of the Tamborine Mountains in South East Queensland.

Located beside a state forest, the natural bird life fly into the boBRENE property to be part of making an already pristine property a paradise in the hills. Bob and Rene, are dedicated to making their dream, a never to be forgotten natural sanctuary that all who come, will enjoy and return.

Our motorhome experienced some steep gradients en route to this paradise, but the one-hour travelling time from Gold Coast, quickly passed in as we were treated to the many views to both the east and west of natural Australian scenery. We travelled through little towns where tourists flock to drink coffee and browse the trinket shops, to arrive at the gated property where beyond, our anticipated holiday in tranquillity awaited us. The grounds are immaculate. Many species of plants, Australian and foreign, have carefully and lovingly been placed around the property, and the little dam is a great location for us to park our motorhome beside for a few days of intense R & R. Yes, our number plate says it all ‘again’, GR8L1F, or Great Life. Here we have a ‘great’ motorhome experience in a ‘great’ place with ‘great’ people. Adam and Eve had it good in the Garden of Eden, and we have it good in the garden of boBRENE, but for just 3 days.

The 6.25 hectares were settled on by a couple of ‘early explorers’ back in February, 2004. Five years later, boBRENE on Tamborine had been carved out of the dense bushland and was fully complete as a hidden retired draftsman’s dream. Bob had watched the movie Forest Gump and had remembered one of the final scenes where Forest is on a motor mower enjoying the bliss of driving back and forth, cutting grass to make his garden a pleasant place to be. Bob decided, “That’s what I want to do one day!” With the superb help of Rene, they have themselves created, ‘a pleasant place to be’.

After laying 3,000 square meters of Sir Walter turf and hundreds, if not thousands, of grass trees, bamboo, tuckaroos, levis, grevilleas, cycads and other natives, Bob and Rene felt they should share the property with others. And for three days, we have been privileged to be part of their dream.

For you to enjoy boBRENE, you can stay in the Luxury Cottage, the Cosy Chalet, a room in the Exceptional Home-Stead, or enjoy the solitude of your own caravan in a bush setting beside the dam or overlooking the dense Australian Bush. You will be woken most mornings with the laugh of the kookaburras that manage to find you funny at 4:00am. During the day, there is the pool and spa to relax in, or the mini tennis court to keep the muscles in tone. The activities room includes a kitchen where you prepare your own meals and eat with new or old friends. In the evenings, you will be treated to the feeding of the local bush parrots, the king parrot being one of the most beautiful.

What we enjoyed the most was that there were just Lyn and I as their guests for two of the days, so the noise was kept to the chatter of ‘birds in the bush’ and not the chatter of ‘people in the pool’. But boBRENE is like that. You take yourselves away from the bustle of the city to enter the solitude of ‘bush silence’. And isn’t that what ‘rest and relaxation’ is all about?

I purposely didn’t say that boBRENE is an even better boutique destination because you can be nude from the time you enter the gate until the sad departure as you leave. Now that lifestyle is something that can be added to the reason for our number plate – a Great Life indeed!

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