210515 The Unity Jesus Dreamt About – Darius Jankiewicz

210515 Sermon – Darius Jankiewicz

“The Unity Jesus Dreamt About”

Ps 133:1 “… behold, how wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters live in unity …”

John 17:

Rev 14:6 … the eternal gospel “

Why does Jesus spend so much time talking about Unity? God’s character

Unity- the world will know God

No unity – the world will not know God

Unity has been confused with Uniformity.

  • 28 Fundamentals
  • Organization
  • Tradition

Ps 133


Community of believers –
Brothers and sisters

Matt 22:36-39 Act of Worship
Being part of the church is part of the plan of salvation

Live … (shevet; remain)

Siblings can bring a change in the home.

Jesus church. Place where God trains our character

Together in unity

Eph 5:1 … follow God’s example …”

Who is God?
Why did He come?
What did He do for me?
Where does He want to take me?

Gen 2:24 Become one flesh

Mutual submission

Eph 5:21 submit to one another out of reverence for Christ

Eph 5:22
Eph 5:25

What did Jesus do for us

He Loved us and Gave Himself up for us

Deut 6:4

Mark 12:29-30. The Lord is one

Agape is connected to self sacrifice.

John 3:16 For God so loved

Mutual submission brings UNITY

Behold how wonderful, how beautiful, is his interwoven Gospel.

Ps 133:2,3 precious oil

Pray for the Holy Spirit to show up in your church.