210514 The Truth About God’s Kingdom – Darius Jankiewicz

210514 Evening Meeting – Darius Jankiewicz

The truth about God’s Kingdom

“The upside-down kingdom”

The whole theme of this week has been “Jesus Dream for the Church”

Gods grace and obedience is perfectly aligned.

We need to be open to people

Jesus gave us a model of an upside-down kingdom

A church should become an “anti-church”, as we are accustomed to know.

Darius read a parable by Max Lucado about a village of wooden people who gave each other stars for great achievements and dots for being the alternative.

Jere 17:9

Isa 64:6

At Jesus baptism a voice from heaven said “this is my beloved son”.

Matt 5: he went up on a mountainside, for when He did, people knew he had something important to say.

Instead of standing, at this time he sat down. When he sat down he would make an important proclamation.

He opened his mouth … and said … Blessed are you. (He gives all attention to the ones He loves. )


… you who are poor in spirit
… you who know what is missing in your lives.
… you who think you are not good enough for me
… you who mourn
… you who are meek
… you who hunger and thirst for righteousness

All are equal to enter the kingdom

How fortunate you are.

From the perspective of the world, this is weird

God’s grace opened the door for you …

There is healing if we open the door.

The parable ending became a story of recognition that the maker does not make mistakes. So “I don’t see the dots or stars”. I just see what I made, a perfect wooden object.

Moment of Personal Reflection

Think of one thing you could do to make your church the upside down kingdom of Christ.