210512 – Reservoir of God’s Grace – Dr Darius Jankiewicz

210512 Evening Meeting – Dr Darius Jankiewicz

“Reservoir of God’s Grace”

We need to know how God operates.

As SDAs, we should be familiar with what Grace is all about. It is part of the SDA message; the three angels message. It is known as the eternal gospel.

We should never utter the two words CHEAP & GRACE together. That makes people afraid of Gods Grace. Grace is never Cheap. Someone paid an enormous amount for Grace.

Rom 1:15-17 for I am not afraid of the gospel … for in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed… the righteous will live by faith

In Luthers day we’re told, “they were not good enough”. The Catholic Church then gained power over the people by introducing payment for the forgiveness of sins.

And they were always asking
“Am I good enough for God?”

Two different ways of being saved:

  1. Righteousness of God
  2. Righteousness from God

Darius used a metre ruler to illustrate how some people wonder “have they reached the full metre of the life which God requires”; have I reached the standard of Christ.

It is really NOT a standard we must reach but rather a gift from God to enjoy.

God wants us to go to heaven. He says you are never clean enough to obtain salvation. So I am giving you a gift of righteousness.

Isaac was perfectly obeying his father. But God provided a perfect response.

He says “keep holding on to me, fix your eyes on me, and I will take you home”.

“We do not earn salvation by our our obedience; for salvation is the free gift of God to be received by faith. Obedience is the fruit of faith.” Steps to Christ

God knows you are not good enough, but he still loves you enough to give all the grace you need. We contribute nothing to our salvation.

What about obedience and keeping the commandments?

John 15:1-6. Our role is to “hold on”.

The most prevalent word you find for God is LOVE

Eph 5:25 Husbands love your wives ….

And God says “Fall in Love with Me”.

When the commandments become written on the heart, you never have anything to obey.

If you give yourself to him and accept him as your Saviour for His sake you are accepted. Jesus makes me invisible by his righteousness so God doesn’t see me, but he sees the perfect Jesus.

Fix your eyes on Jesus.

If Jesus lives in your heart, you will be obedient.

Matt 5:16 … glorify your Father in heaven.

The kiss still works to show love.

Think of one you could do to contribute so that your local church could become a reservoir of God’s Grace.